Terms and conditions.


The orders are ready for delivery, because the items are available in our store, but if we are sold out we will advise immediately with the information of the projected delivery.

We ship the orders within 20-30 days, in the order they are received. Otherwise you can choose for Express shipping within 7-10 days with an extra charge.
The entire stock is updated in -the shop daily. If we are sold out, but your order has gone through, we will send you the item as soon as possible. We will contact you to make an arrangement if the delivery time is very long.
Your parcel not arrives?
If you´re not receiving your parcel please get in touch at info@asllisac.com. As the mail services in different countries seems to work with different speed and the parcels often stays in the custom duty office for a long time, we do not send you a replacement if it´s less than 10 weeks since your order.
Is customer's responsibility, to make sure that the address is correct. If it is incorrect, we do not take the responsibility of replacing it if lost. We print the address you have listed directly onto stickers.
All orders will be shipped with the Peruvian Postal Office. The shipping cost will be calculated at check out, according to postal office mail rates. We offer tracking outside Peru.

Rates: (door to door)

0 to 500 grams//Asia=$19.10//North & Central America=$16.88//South America=$16.18//Europe=$17.57//Oceania=$19.10
501-1000 grams//Asia=$32.41//North & Central America=$28.10//South America=$27.41//Europe=$29.08//Oceania=$32.41
1001-2000 grams//Asia=$50.30//North & Central America=$37.39//South America=$35.59//Europe=$39.33//Oceania=$50.30
2001-2500 grams//Asia=$42.50//North & Central America=$35.95//South America=$32.34//Europe=$45.70//Oceania=$45.01
2501-3000 grams//Asia=$46.27//North & Central America=$39.02//South America=$34.97//Europe=$49.88//Oceania=$49.75
3001-3500 grams//Asia=$48.08//North & Central America=$42.50//South America=$37.91//Europe=$54.22//Oceania=$55.74
3501-4000 grams//Asia=$51.69//North & Central America=$46.55//South America=$40.13//Europe=$58.40//Oceania=$61.60


Do not apply for orders from outside of Peru. The customs in your country might therefore add a custom fee upon import. The rules for this varies from country to country and is out of our control. Most countries have a certain limit that you can buy products for without paying this fee, so make sure to check this out if it is important to you. If you do not wish to pay the fee, simply do not pick up the parcel and it is being sent back to us. You will have a full refund as soon as it is in our hands, but according to experience this might take a few weeks. Please specify if you place multiple orders and want them shipped separately. If you want, we can get an origin certificate that allow you to not pay any import taxes in customs for an extra charge of USD 20.00 per order. If you have multiple orders, we can issue a certificate for all your orders and ship it together.


We are using PayPal, this is safe and easy to use, especially if you create your own account. If you don’t want your own account, you can still use PayPal and pay with your credit card.

Extra orders.

All sales need to be registered in our webshop for book keeping purposes, and we cannot add more items to an existing order.

Askha Llimpi SAC (Aslli SAC) is a Peruvian company leading the industry in the manufacturing of eco-friendly yarns for hand knitting, made with 100% organic cotton, and certified by Control Union Certifications. Our yarns like Pima cotton ones, are very soft and shiny, ideally for hand knitting garments for babies and for all the family.

We are creating ethical businesses since 2007


Askha Llimpi SAC (ASLLI SAC)

Lima, Perú

Phone Lima: 51-1-275 2518

Phone USA: 1 (651) 760 8886


skype: asllisac.com