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Yarns for Handweavers



Our Double Knitting DK and Lana de Verano yarns are spectacular, for be used in a loom, the yarn has an excelent construction, the final touch of the woven fabric is very soft and smooth, ideal for many woven projects.


You can use yarns of organic cotton naturally dyed with plants or a blend of organic cotton with wool (70/30) for more warmy results. In the picture we used several colors of DK yarns to get this design.





Also our hand spun yarns and industrial chunky could be used to get more thicker fabrics for other purposes, like rugs or tapestries. In the picture we used hanspum yarns to get this design.



Yarns for Dyers

Slivers for Spinners






We offer for the spinners, slivers of the best organic cotton virgin fiber, are the same we use for spinning all our yarns, that are famous because are soft and of excelent quality.







We take it out from our spinning processes and prepare for you in packages of 400 grams / 14 onces each, for your convinience.


We have slivers of 100% organic cotton or a blend of 70% organic cotton with 30% of wool.

Prices will be available soon in our shop. For any request please write us, you will get the price in 2-3 hours or use our live chat for a quick response. 

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Askha Llimpi SAC (Aslli SAC) is a Peruvian company leading the industry of the manufacturing of eco-friendly yarns for hand knitting, made with 100% organic cotton, and certified by Control Union Certifications. Our yarns like Pima cotton ones, are very soft and shiny, ideally for hand knitting garments for babies and for all the family.

We are creating ethical businesses since 2007


Askha Llimpi SAC (ASLLI SAC)

Lima, Perú

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2019 CO Common Objective (London) Award
2019 CO Common Objective (London) Award