Sustainable baby and kids clothes

Baby Clothes


As we are manufacturers of our own yarns, you should be confident that no one could replicate your designs, because you work with us and our hand knitters. Women with many children to care, with ages between 30 to 55 years old, many of them are single mothers. And the quality is showed up in the following pictures.


Kids Clothes

Any garment that you will be interested, can be knitted by us using our yarns, also blankets & pants.

Also all of your design and technical sheets will be protected by confidentiality.

And if you need our products meet the CE Directive 93/68/CEE or US CPSC standards, we can get it for you!


Be for sure that we will make everything as sustainable that could be.

Please, feel free to request a catalogue about our products.

Minimum Orders


We can knit your designs, starting on 2 dozen per size and per color, always will depend on the quantity of yarn used for each garment, if the total weight is more than 5 kilos, ¡¡ You got it!! You can choose your own colors because our minimum for dyeing a single color is only 5 kilos. This allow to designers and shops, to get beautiful collections with many colors, with an exceptionally low number of units per each design.

The colors available can be selected from our card of natural colors dyed with plants or any of the thousands of colors of the TPC Pantone color book codes.

Askha Llimpi SAC (Aslli SAC) is a Peruvian company leading the industry of the manufacturing of eco-friendly yarns for hand knitting, made with 100% organic cotton, and certified by Control Union Certifications. Our yarns like Pima cotton ones, are very soft and shiny, ideally for hand knitting garments for babies and for all the family.

We are creating ethical businesses since 2007


Askha Llimpi SAC (ASLLI SAC)

Lima, Perú

Phone Lima: 51-1-275 2518

Phone USA 651-7285050



2019 CO Common Objective (London) Award
2019 CO Common Objective (London) Award