Since 2007, our company exports worldwide; yarns for hand knitting, made with the best organic cotton fibre and using plants, that were found in recipes of the old Peruvians cultures, to get beautiful natural colours. 

All our activities are aligned to the international fair trade code, we paid fair wages and offer good working conditions to our workers. We hire specially women, with many children to care. And our policy is to bring the labour activities near to their homes, in that way our collaborators, can save up to 5 hours daily (roundtrip) in transportations, that way this time can be used in taking care of their children and on their home.

Bringing Ancient traditions to the modern life

The technics used for the hand spun of our yarns are since 5000 years ago and the dyeing processes are using plants, that were found in recipes of the old Peruvians cultures, to get beautiful natural colours. Both are ways to rescue old technics used in the past, for the conservation of our textile national heritage.

The spinning wheel also is an alternative and our industrial machines, are options to spin very special yarns for our customers. 

The raw materials used for the yarns are: 100% organic cotton yarns certified by GOTS. Merino wool from the highlands for our blended yarns.

Hand dyeing processes could be also with low impact dyes Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

We help to prevent the global heating, with natural drying processes, using the wind and the heat of the sun for all our products.

Proceso de Hilado a Mano

Fotografia: Archivo Aslli 2012

"Rueca" Antiguo instrumento de hilandería.

Fotografia: Archivo Aslli 2012

Askha Llimpi SAC (Aslli SAC) is a Peruvian company leading the industry in the manufacturing of eco-friendly yarns for hand knitting, made with 100% organic cotton, and certified by Control Union Certifications. Our yarns like Pima cotton ones, are very soft and shiny, ideally for hand knitting garments for babies and for all the family.

We are creating ethical businesses since 2007


Askha Llimpi SAC (ASLLI SAC)

Lima, Perú

Phone Lima: 51-1-275 2518

Phone USA: 1 (651) 760 8886